10 Tech Tidbits from Paperless 2014

Today the first Paperless conference was hosted at the stylish and forward-thinking Kanda University of International Studies in Chiba, and organised by the indefatigable Carol Begg. URLS, apps and ideas were shared aplenty. Here are 10 of the best.

  1. Open badges make it easy to track students’ progress with language learning apps across the web, and in particular on the popular Moodle LMS
  2. Wix is a powerful and intuitive drag-n-drop website builder
  3. SpeakPipe allows students to comment in audio on a class website or blog
  4. Flow is “is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”
  5. ReadLang allows you to read articles, and look up and save the meanings of unknown words whilst preserving their original context
  6. Lex Flashcard Game uses Quizlet vocabulary sets to create engaging and educational vocabulary learning activities
  7. Vocre aims to translate your speaking in real time into over 66 different languages
  8. Hapara “helps educators effectively use cloud-based, open tools to positively impact student learning”
  9. Kanjigames helps you to study the kanji…
  10. …while cram.com offers a flashcard learning system for an array of subjects

If you found these tips useful, why not check out the new version of my book, which has been revised, updated and expanded for 2019: 50 Ways to Teach with Technology