30 Tech Tips from JALT CALL 2016


  1. James Rogers gives pronunciation advice for Japanese learners of English
  2. Linode is a powerful and good value web host
  3. The Multiplayer Classroom (Lee Sheldon) was one of the first publications arguing for gamification of education
  4. Class Craft helps you to make learning an adventure
  5. Socrative allows you to administer assessments and surveys via mobile phones
  6. Kahoot provides gamified classroom activities
  7. QuizUp offers a competitive multi-player gaming experience
  8. Sendtodropbox is a great way of getting files from your students into your Dropbox account…
  9. …while QuickVoice (iOS) allows you to record and send audio files as email attachments up to 5MB in size…
  10. …and MailVU are specialists in sending video via email
  11. Moxtra is a mobile-first embeddable collaboration platform…
  12. …and VoiceThread allows students to submit audio as attachments to images
  13. Schoology is a modern Learner Management System
  14. Ginger offers a variety of apps for online translation and grammar checking…
  15. …while Grammarly claims to make you a better writer by finding and correctly 10 times more mistakes than you word processor
  16. WikiTude is the world’s leading augmented reality SDK
  17. Diigo allows you to annotate and save web pages as you browse them
  18. Tiki Toki is web based software for creating beautiful timelines
  19. iBuildApp allows you to easily make apps for iOS or Android
  20. Mobyx (iOS) provides high quality VOIP (Voice over IP) services
  21. KanjiTomo is a comprehensive OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application for Japanese characters…
  22. …while Yomiwa (iOS) provides a real-time offline camera translator for Japanese…
  23. …and Perfect Master Kanji (iOS) is a fully fledged kanji practice app for people learning Japanese as a foreign language…
  24. …and Nihongo Shark provides free daily lessons for learners of Japanese
  25. Discord provides all-in-one text and voice chat for gamers
  26. Continuous Partial Attention (Linda Stone) is “motivated by a desire to be a LIVE node on the network”
  27. Wiggle allows you to easily import sporting goods and accessories (a weird one, but a good one for those of us who struggle to find bicycles big enough in Japan!)
  28. Phonologics offers automated pronunciation testing
  29. Words and Monsters taps into the addictive game play of apps like Puzzle and Dragons and Candy Crush by offering uncertain and unexpected rewards
  30. Paul Howard Jones is the preeminent expert on the effect of games on the brain

If you found these tips useful, why not check out the new version of my book, which has been revised, updated and expanded for 2019: 50 Ways to Teach with Technology

JALT CALL 2016 “Unconference”: App Exchange


We all like to leave presentations/conferences with practical tools that we can put straight to use in the classroom. Almost every teacher has a selection of bookmarks or apps they come back to time and time again. The most popular of these apps and sites are well-known, but some little gems can take a long time to spread via word-of-mouth.

In this 30 minute slot, attendees were asked to write the names of their favorite ELT apps and sites on the whiteboard. We amassed an impressive 73 80 apps and sites in total. Here is the list, in alphabetical order:

  1. a4esl
  2. Anki
  3. Apps 4 EFL
  4. Breaking News English Lessons
  5. Busuu
  6. Cambridge English Online
  7. CamScanner
  8. Can You Escape
  9. Doki-Doki Universe
  10. Dotsub
  11. Duolingo
  12. English Clip
  13. English Listening Lesson Libary Online
  14. EnglishCentral
  15. EnglishClass101.com
  16. engVid
  17. ESLvideo.com
  18. Espresso English
  19. EuroNews
  20. Extensive Reading Central
  21. Flubaroo
  22. Formfuse
  23. Freerice.com
  24. Google Sheets
  25. Grammarly
  26. Health Matters
  27. Imiwa
  28. Inogolo
  29. iTalki
  30. Kahoot!
  31. Keybr
  32. LanguageCaster
  33. Listen and Write
  34. Many Things
  35. Memrise
  36. MeWe
  37. Movie Clips
  38. New Internationalist Easier English Wiki
  39. Newsela
  40. Nobelprize.org
  41. Odd News
  42. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  43. Padlet
  44. Peanut Gallery
  45. Pearson VUE
  46. PhoTransEdit
  47. Phrasebot
  48. PhraseMix
  49. Pixabay
  50. POPjisyo
  51. Quizlet (Live)
  52. QuizUp
  53. Readlang
  54. Reuters
  55. RhinoSpike
  56. Samorost
  57. Ship or Sheep
  58. Simple English Wiktionary
  59. Simple English Videos
  60. Socrative
  61. Spaceteam ESL
  62. Spreeder
  63. Story Dice
  64. Storybird
  65. TED (Ed)
  66. Telltale Games
  67. The Mixxer
  68. Tiki-Toki
  69. TitanPad
  70. Trace Effects
  71. TypeIt
  72. VOA
  73. Vocabulary.com
  74. WeVideo
  75. Word Engine
  76. Words & Monsters
  77. Wordfast
  78. WordFlex
  79. Xreading
  80. ZType

Do you use any of these apps or sites in your teaching contexts? Do you have any other recommendations? Please write your comments in the box below!