WikiCloze CALL Conference Presentation Write-up

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation on WikiCloze at this year’s CALL Conference in Nagoya. It was great to be able to talk about the tool, and get lots of useful feedback from audience members.

Of the feedback I received, these were some of the most requested features. I hope to be able to implement each of them in future versions of WikiCloze:

  1. Selection boxes vs. Text Input – In previous versions of WikiCloze, students were actually required to type in each of the missing words, rather than select from a drop-down menu. One attendee mentioned it would be nice to have to option to choose between these two input methods.
  2. Provide a link to the original Simple Wikipedia article
  3. Provide an option to choose between the main Wikipedia and Simple Wikipedia
  4. Integrate WikiCloze more closely with Moodle – there were a few requests for closer integration with Moodle, perhaps via a Moodle Plugin version of WikiCloze. This is something I’d like to provide, but programming Moodle Plugins is a rather complicated affair, and this may take some time to implement
  5. Feedback for teachers – by far the biggest request, and most important. In the current version of WikiCloze, there is no easy way for teachers to get feedback and progress reports of students who use WikiCloze. A Quizlet-style “Classes” option would seem to be the best solution, whereby teachers can view the progress of any students in a particular class. This would be a major undertaking and something I am looking at for the long-term future. In the meantime, a low-tech workaround for monitoring student progress would be to get students to print out or show their “account” panel display, which lists the articles studied and number of points received (number of words entered in total)
  6. Mozilla Open Badges/Backpacks – another possible solution for feedback could be Mozilla Open Badges, which may be a little easier to implement than a fully featured “class” system.

So – it seems I have my work cut out for the foreseeable future! As I mentioned, some of these features are considerably more complex than others, and it might not be possible to implement them all, but I’m hoping to cover most of them in future versions.

Thank you again to those who attended my presentation. I look forward to seeing you at future TEFL conferences.

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