20 Tech Tips from JALT 2015

  1. Team Treehouse is a great place to learn to code online.
  2. Mahara is a fully featured web application for building an electronic portfolio and displaying digital badges.
  3. badges.quizport.com teaches you all about digital badges, and how to integrate them with Moodle.
  4. English Central now provides one-to-one online lessons with tutors.
  5. VOA provides a wide selection of easy English videos.
  6. Voice Record Pro and QuickVoice are recommended apps for making audio recordings on iOS.
  7. You can make inspiring presentations with Haiku Deck.
  8. Mindomo allows you to create online mind-maps.
  9. Poll Everywhere lets you engage your audience or class in real time.
  10. Oovoo provides free video chat for any device.
  11. National Geographic has a YouTube channel for teaching English to young learners.
  12. You can learn a foreign language by playing as an international spy with Subverses Covert.
  13. Spell Up lets you practice your spelling using the Chrome browser.
  14. Mentimeter allows you to vote with your smartphone during presentations.
  15. TEFLology is a podcast by teachers of EFL, for teachers of EFL.
  16. The Web Speech API is 72% reliable in recognizing the speech of Japanese learners of English.
  17. Xreading is a cross-device compatible virtual library of graded readers, and makes it easy to monitor and assess students’ reading progress
  18. HelloTalk allows you to practice foreign languages with people around the world for free.
  19. The Hirodai English App features free podcasts and vocabulary lists for English learners.
  20. Busuu allows you to learn languages online for free.

If you found these tips useful, why not check out the new version of my book, which has been revised, updated and expanded for 2019: 50 Ways to Teach with Technology

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