10 Tech Tips from Moodle Moot Japan 2016

  1. Learn anything online with MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) from EdX.
  2. Take a look at Manaba, the LMS for educators in Japan.
  3. You can create a Question Bank with Moodle that can be used to easily generate quizzes.
  4. Moodle’s AIKEN format can be used to easily create multiple choice quizzess…
  5. …while the GIFT format provides a wider range of question types.
  6. Check out PoodLL – a set of plug-ins for Moodle for recording audio and video
  7. You can set up a virtual international exchange with Soliya.
  8. The Open University has a number of freely available plugins for Moodle…
  9. …and you can easily install additional Moodle question types.
  10. Motivate and engage students through Moodle using real time response tool, Zapette.

If you found these tips useful, why not check out the new version of my book, which has been revised, updated and expanded for 2019: 50 Ways to Teach with Technology

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